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“I consider myself living a holistic lifestyle and bringing Himalayan Salt Lamps into my home has only further enhanced my health and wellness (read about the immeasurable benefits to using salt lamps!). My shipment came within a few days and this was even during the holiday season where I had purchased multiple lamps to give as gifts to my staff. I highly recommend subscribing to their emails for promotions and discounts. You won’t be disappointed!” – Jaclyn C. – Nutley, NJ

Our replacement bases and cords arrived today, and needless to say your customer service (excellent, by the way) allows me to highly recommend your products!” – Vickey M. – Clarkston, MI

I love my Himalayan Salt Lamps! They make me feel good! I have five Salt Lamps of varying colors, sizes and styles, and they add a special beauty to my home. I feel more at peace just looking at them. I especially enjoy my flower bowl – it radiates a warmth from within that warms me in turn. If I need to get up in the night, I am guided by the soft glow of a Crystal Lamp wherever I go. My friends love to get Salt Lamps or candle holders for gifts, and it makes gift giving easy for me. I would recommend Himalayan Salt products to anyone who likes unique items that are healthy, decorative and useful. I also use edible Himalayan Crystal Salt for all my seasoning and cooking needs. It’s much better for me than commercially processed table salt and it tastes great too!” – Kathy K. – Clifton, NJ

I can’t tell you enough how happy we are with our new Himalayan Salt Lamps! They brought such a lifted, renewed energy to my gym studio that you could actually feel how it cleansed the space. I gave one as a gift and she felt a peaceful, calm feeling immediately upon turning it on! The chaotic energy she was experiencing that day disappeared with a click of a switch! When people come into my home they feel this same release of anxiety that makes them feel like themselves again. These Salt Lamps surely cleanse and charge the air with negative ions that create a magical ambiance.  I now have 4 of your Himalayan Salt Lamps throughout my home and several tea lite candle holders. The first thing I do when I return home is turn them all on, and I usually keep them on all day long when I am home. Last year I gave several people Salt Lamps for various occasions. It truly is the best gift you can receive and appreciate and admire for years to come.  Your customer service is impeccable! I got my order within 2 days! Which even included a generous amount of multi-colored bulbs for the new white Salt Lamps they carry! The new white Salt Lamps are so unique!  YourSaltLamps.com is surely my only choice for the highest quality Himalayan Salt Lamps. Thank you so very much for such a magical experience and gorgeous pieces to enjoy forever!” – Lily M. – Bronx, NY

I received my very first order from YourSaltLamps.com today. The Salt Lamps are beautiful! I am impressed with my entire experience with your company. First, my order was shipped immediately via FedEx, complete with tracking number, so I knew exactly what day my shipment was coming and could be home when it arrived. My items were very well packaged. The one time I called to ask a question about a particular item, the person I spoke with was not only professional, but very warm & friendly as well. Thank you for such beautiful products & wonderful customer service too. I will definitely be doing business with you again!” – Howard H. – Greenville, DE

I’ve been using edible Himalayan Salt from YourSaltLamps.com for the better part of 6 months now. Needless to say, I’ve been more than satisfied! From cooking to medicinal purposes (relief of tooth aches, sore throats, etc.), this salt is the highest quality and performs better than any salt I have tried in the past. I would definitely recommend these Himalayan Salt products to anyone looking for the purest, most mineral-rich, salt available!” – James K. – Little Falls, NJ

I love my Himalayan Salt Lamps. I have given away about 10 of them to family. I use the Himalayan Crystal Salt for cooking, nasal cleansing, and the Salt Lamps for calming. I keep a big Salt Lamp next to my husband’s recliner!” – Patty B. – Green Bay, WI

Most of my Salt Lamps that I have, and have given as gifts, came from your company, and I’m very happy with them! I became interested when we saw them in a shop in Blue Ridge, GA. For me, I’ve had really bad allergies all my life. After a few weeks of having the Salt Lamps in my living area and bedroom, I no longer take medications for it. I breathe better and deeper. I sleep better. My husband’s snoring has gotten quieter. I also use the fine grain edible Himalayan Crystal Salt. Love it, and take some with me wherever I go. Food tastes better and I know I’m getting the minerals my body needs. We gave some to my daughter and her asthma has gotten so much better. She also has the Himalayan Salt Inhaler. She and her husband also sleep better. My 2 daughter-in-laws get a lot of sinus infections. One, the doctor has told her she needs sinus surgery. Both of them are taking less medicine. My son is coughing less. My 2 granddaughters are getting sick less with their asthma, sinusitis and bronchitis. I love your Himalayan Salt products and are recommending them to many.” – Susan S. – Jacksonville, AL

We have Himalayan Salt Lamps in every room in our house. Some rooms have 2 Salt Lamps even! So peaceful and calming. We run ours 24/7. I ordered a few package deals over the 2010 holidays! Great gifts, the gift that keeps giving love and calmness from mother earth!” – Allie H. – Twin Falls, ID

I just received my order of four Himalayan Crystal Salt candle holders. I only ordered them yesterday, I can’t believe they were delivered so quickly! Each one is a little bit different in color but they are all beautiful. I am looking forward to using them and, as two of them will be for gifts, it will be difficult to choose which ones to keep! Thank you for such excellent service.” – Teresa G. – Watertown, CT

I bought a number of Salt Lamps on my trips to Hamburg, Germany and love them. Everyone who sees them immediately becomes interested and wants to know what they are and where they came from. They are great conversation pieces and make great decorating pieces, especially at Christmas. I have one Salt Lamp that is rather large and egg shaped. I put this in my son’s room when he was just a baby. It created just the right amount of light so his room was not dark, but not so much that it would keep him awake. Great product, and I recommend them to anyone looking for an unusual gift for that person who has everything.” – David M. – Newburyport, MA

I can’t believe I got my Himalayan Salt Lamps already! I only ordered 2 days ago! Love that they are all different. It’s going to be tough deciding which one to keep for myself. Thanks for the speedy delivery!” – Stephanie S. – Boyertown, PA

My mother loves the Himalayan Salt Inhaler! It has helped her greatly!” – Lori M. – Glendale, OR

I just wanted to tell you that everyone who ordered their Himalayan Salt Lamps loved them.” – Linda A. – Shreveport, LA

Thank you so much for my Salt Lamp. I will definitely order from YourSaltLamps.com in the future!” – Caron W. – Dayton, OH

I have found YourSaltLamps.com to be a fantastic place to shop. The quality of your Himalayan Salt products is unmatched. I would recommend them to anyone!” – Drake D. – Denver, CO

The Himalayan Bath Salts are a great value, thanks.” – Sandra S. – Portland, OR

I must say that my allergies were severe and year round. February 2013 I got my Himalayan Salt Lamps from you, and I haven’t needed allergy any longer thus far. I referred friends and family too. Thanks!” – Fathom C. – Camden Point, MO

I just wanted to thank you for such as great experience with my Jumbo Plus Himalayan Salt Lamp! Wow, what a whopper of a Salt Lamp and a gorgeous one too! I have to tell you that I was very impressed with my whole shopping experience. Everything was amazing from your incredible selection, awesome price, fast shipping to your impressive packaging job! When I got the package I couldn’t believe how well everything was packed. The moment I unwrapped it I couldn’t do anything but smile, there it was, all 28 pounds and 15 inches of well proportioned glory! Thank you for making this such a wonderful experience and taking the time in fulfilling my wife’s special birthday request!” – Brian B. – Rochester, NY

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