Himalayan Salt Lamps Are An Essential Natural Health Remedy

//Himalayan Salt Lamps Are An Essential Natural Health Remedy

Himalayan Salt Lamps Are An Essential Natural Health Remedy

YourSaltLamps.com, “America’s Himalayan Salt Lamp Supersite,” is your one-stop-shop for all of your natural and holistic health needs.

The popularity of, and demand for, high quality Himalayan Salt Lamps and related Himalayan Salt products has grown tremendously among those with an interest in natural and holistic health. YourSaltLamps.com has met this demand head on, offering consumers the highest quality Himalayan Salt Lamps and Himalayan Crystal Salt products at heavily discount prices, along with top notch customer service.

Himalayan Salt Lamps are manufactured out of Himalayan Salt, which is found deep within the salt caves of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan, and contains a blend of 84 minerals and trace elements essential to optimal health. It is one of the most sought after products in the world of natural and holistic health today. The dense, rich, mineral composition is what gives Himalayan Salt its beautiful reddish-orange colors. Himalayan Salt naturally releases negative ions into the atmosphere, serving as a corrective balance to the flood of toxins and positive ions that fill the environments we inhabit.

Himalayan Salt Lamps are chunks or artistic carvings of Himalayan Salt that have been drilled out to provide a space for a light source to be introduced. Adding a light bulb inside a Himalayan Salt Lamp warms the salt from within and facilitates the release of negative ions from the Himalayan Salt into the surrounding atmosphere, which in turn helps cleanse the air so that we may breathe a little easier!

Himalayan Salt Lamps and related products are sold by numerous companies, however, make no mistake: Not all Himalayan Salt products are of equal quality and value. YourSaltLamps.com prides itself on offering customers only the highest quality Himalayan Salt products available.

Our business philosophy is simple. We strive to provide the best customer service experience in the business, and treat every customer with the respect they deserve. This isn’t talk; We have built our business and reputation by being true to those core beliefs, and our ever-growing list of satisfied, repeat customers proves it! Just as importantly, YourSaltLAmps.com believes that the craftsmen and craftswomen that manufacture our Himalayan Salt products deserve to be treated with respect and paid a fair wage. For this reason, YourSaltLamps.com purchases exclusively from suppliers who are 100 percent committed to both manufacturing the highest quality Himalayan Salt Lamps and related Himalayan Crystal Salt products, and to treating their workers fairly and paying them a fair wage.

Since the official launch of this website in 2011, the company has continually expanded its selection of Himalayan Salt based natural health products. The website even features several sections where customers can view and purchase premium or special Himalayan Salt Lamp Package Deals for even bigger savings on these incredible products, which make for a beautiful addition to any home or office decor!

In addition to the vast selection of top notch Himalayan Salt products, YourSaltLamps.com also goes above and beyond to offer customers service that is second to none. All inquiries, whether through the website, via email, or through voicemail on their toll free 800 number, are responded to within 24 hours.

Not a week goes by that we don’t receive an email from a customer thanking us for our excellent service and the ease with which they can shop on our site. It’s a great feeling to know that you are developing relationships with customers who will hopefully remain long-term, loyal patrons of your business and refer other friends and family to you based on their satisfaction with both the high quality of the products and the customer care.

To stay informed of upcoming sales and special offers, interested consumers are encouraged to sign up for the Email Newsletter on the home page of our site!

About This Company:

YourSaltLamps.com is an American owned and operated small business, based in Northern New Jersey, in the United States of America. It’s owner, Jesse Starrick, is a 31 year old entrepreneur with a lifelong interest in health, nutrition, and fitness. Jesse can be reached at Marketing@YourSaltLamps.com.

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