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  • We only utilize the highest quality, genuine Himalayan Salt available for every product we sell. Our premium Himalayan Salt is sourced from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan – the very best there is!
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Himalayan Salt Lamps are created out of natural Himalayan Crystal Salt mined from deep below the surface of the earth, often at depths of a mile or more underground. The 84 minerals and trace elements present in Himalayan Crystal Salt gives it a unique and vibrant pink color, which is why it is sometimes referred to simply as “pink salt.”

Himalayan Salt Lamps are chunks of pure Himalayan Crystal Salt that have been attached to a sturdy base made of Rosewood, and drilled out to provide a space for a light source to be introduced. Adding a light bulb inside a Himalayan Salt Lamp warms the salt from within and facilitates the release of negative ions from the Himalayan Salt into the atmosphere. 

The negative ions then bond with the positive ions (pollutants) in the air and help to neutralize them. Many of the conveniences of modern life, such as our electronic devices and heating and cooling systems, produce an abundance of positive ions which throw the air we breath completely out of balance. That, in turn, can contribute to the development of allergies, asthma, stress, insomnia and other sleep disorders, sinus and migraine headaches, and a host of other health problems for many individuals. By utilizing negative ion-generating Himalayan Salt Lamps in your home, office, or anywhere else you spend time in your daily life, you can often help alleviate these symptoms!

Himalayan Salt Lamps are aesthetically pleasing to look at and create an environment filled with positive energy. Many people find that placing several Himalayan Salt Lamps in a particular room or space where they spend time lends an even greater benefit, both in terms of physical health and mood enhancement. Our Himalayan Salt Lamps come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and designs to accommodate any size room you wish to ionize!

Many lavish spas around the world have constructed Himalayan Salt Caves that mimic the salt mines, where clients pay hundreds of dollars to undergo various Himalayan Salt therapies. While these types of facilities are wonderful and definitely worth experiencing, most of us do not have the time or the financial ability to visit a spa for therapy of this kind on a regular basis. This is why the popularity and desirability of Himalayan Salt Lamps has skyrocketed!

Himalayan Salt Lamps cleanse the air we breathe naturally, and are a beautiful decorative piece for the home, work place, or anywhere else you spend time! Anyone with an interest in holistic, organic, and natural means of improving their health and wellness are usually fans of Himalayan Salt Lamps and Himalayan Crystal Salt products. Our Himalayan Salt Lamp Buying Guide is packed with additional information on the many benefits of Salt Lamps, as well as how to choose the right size Salt Lamps to best fit your needs.

Our original, natural shaped Himalayan Salt Lamps are our most popular, and now we have added a number of new heavily discounted Salt Lamp Packages for even bigger discounted savings on these wonderful products!

For a well rounded approach to overall health and wellness, don’t forget to try some of our other extraordinary, pure Himalayan Salt products like our Himalayan Pink Bath Salt and our top of the line Edible Himalayan Crystal Salt to season and enhance all of your raw and cooked foods!

We at YourSaltLamps.com are always here to assist with any questions you may have regarding your purchases, and we hope that you will consider our Himalayan Salt Lamps and Himalayan Crystal Salt products in an effort to help you breathe easier and live a healthier life!

Himalayan Edible Salt
Salt is a flavor enhancer as well as an essential nutrient for keeping the body in balance. Himalayan Pink Salt is a natural product. Its origin can be traced back 250 million years to the primordial seas, which in turn were covered by landmasses eventually forming the Himalayan mountain range.

Himalayan Pink Salt is far superior to table salt (sodium chloride), which through extensive processing contains no nutritional value and can be problematic in so many diets. All essential minerals and trace elements have been removed from the sodium chloride as they are considered “impurities.” Himalayan Salt still contains all of these minerals and elements that are needed by the human body to maintain a neutral pH.

Himalayan Salt contains 84 valuable minerals and trace elements considered essential for the body and viewed as a foundation for life.

Himalayan Pink Salt comes from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains where it is mined, washed by hand and sundried. It is 100 percent pure and natural.

Himalayan Salt infuses food with a wonderful flavor and actually enhances the nutritional value of the food itself. That is why it is considered the “King of Salt.”

Himalayan Salt Sole
Enhance your overall well being! Himalayan Salt Sole taken daily helps balance your body’s pH, while infusing your system with 84 minerals and trace elements. Sole aids in digestion and helps keep your system in balance.

To prepare the Himalayan Salt Sole, place several Himalayan Crystal Salt stones in a small glass jar with a lid (not metal).

Cover the Himalayan Pink Salt crystals with water (a good quality bottled water is fine for this). After about 24 hours, check to see if the salt crystals have completely dissolved. If they have, add another crystal, and keep doing this until the salt crystals no longer dissolve, but rather, remain at the bottom of the jar.

At this point, the water has reached it’s 26 percent saturation level, and you now have Himalayan Salt Sole.

You can always add more water to replenish your supply of sole, just remember that when you do, you need to add more Himalayan Salt crystals.

Many health and nutrition experts recommend drinking one teaspoon of the sole mixture added to a glass of water (again, a good quality bottled water is fine) first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to hydrate and energize you for the day ahead.

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